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"LHCB's consultants have convinced us 100% and reliably deliver high quality."

Carolin Lins
Teamleiterin IT, WeMatch

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Peter P.
Program Manager, BNP Paribas

You acquire more than 70 years of combined experience in all our disciplines.

Scalable Services

This service will change the way you run your programs and projects. Three different plans to accommodate your business needs that will make sure you can scale up and down your external workforce in no time without the costs and hassle of onboarding.  

Interim Consulting

Our perfect service to bridge parental leave, time-to-hire or replace a costly project based hire. Our consultants stay with you for up to 36 month.

Product Discovery

We help you to define your vision and mission, validate your ideas with your target groups, check against the market and competitors and make sure you build in small testable chunks instead of wasting money in endless development.

Project Rescue

Your project is not running as it should?
Our consultants will analyse your current projects and create a detailed plan on how to fix the problems, and of course we will fix it.


We offer our clients the flexibility and pricing as when working with freelancers, but the safety net, the combined knowledge and the trusted team of a company.

Read on to find out more about us and how we work.

Our Fields of Expertise

We enable companies to successfully realise their projects and products. From initiation to completion.

Our project management service efficiently orchestrates complex tasks, employing industry-leading strategies to optimize productivity, ensure deadline adherence, streamline communication, and deliver exceptional results aligned with your business objectives across multiple industries.

  • Agile Project management
  • Waterfall Project management
  • IT Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Delivery Management

Our Project Management Office service structures and standardizes your programs, providing robust oversight, risk management, and performance tracking. We build bespoke PMOs to enhance your strategic alignment, ensure compliance, and drive your program success.

  • Managed Service
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Process Standardization

Every second project is more expensive than expected. 68% of all software projects fail completely and the high turnover among employees leads to a permanent loss of knowledge. Our Product Manager dive deep into your projects, teams and processes, make sure you build the right features for the right users, remove blockages and develop a path to successful collaboration together with all stakeholders.

  • Certified Product Managers and Owners
  • Track record of successfull projects in different industries
  • For projects from 3 to 36 month
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Discovery

Our product ops services streamline operational efficiency, driving product development through strategic planning, cross-functional collaboration, data analytics, and customer-centric design. We ensure seamless product lifecycle management, driving growth and market success. Your Product Managers will love it.

  • Experienced in different industries
  • Fully managed
  • For projects from 3-36 months

In companies, a lot of waste is caused by old, analog and not well thought-out processes. And that costs a lot of money. Our business analysts increase and strengthen your business by uncovering and improving inefficient business areas.

  • Process Assessment
  • Waste definition and calculation
  • Developing of new processes
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Implementation and Training

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